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Setting up a bedroom of teen
Date Added: May 27, 2010 08:48:00 PM
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Bedroom is the most important place of one’s home. Purpose of the room is to provide relax environment and give you a pleasant feel. The peace and comfort that a personal bedroom gives you nowhere can be found. It should be according to your attitude and equally harmonizing with your habits. It is likewise understood that one’s bedroom must be clean and eye catching to one’s own choice. All comforts must be available in your bedroom so that it presents a view of relaxing place. There is a difference in setting a couple’s bedroom and a bedroom for teens.  Most of the time all things are present in your bedroom but still your teens do not like it at all. Conformity of bedroom’s items with your frame of mind is very much necessary. Let me explain you that an ideal bedroom setting can be conventional to everyone’s frame of mind.


One of the most important things is allocating a budget frame for teens’ room. You must be generous, and offer your teen some finances to spend in the room. Or you can really drive home the financial lesson by making him create a budget based on his own sources of income - from allowances and part-time jobs to gifts from grandparents. Either way, make sure he understands he must accomplish his redesign with the money he has, just like in the adult world where going over budget would have serious consequences. Now make arrangements to purchase furniture and curtains for the room.


Then theme must be selected by keeping in mind the habits and choices of your child. Most teens have definite opinions about what they like - and dislike. Do not impose your own selection on him. Perhaps your teen will have an idea of a theme he would like to pursue. Take him in confidence and encourage him to choose a theme that will grow with him, or that he will enjoy at least until he's a college freshman.

Art is beauty of one’s mind. So you must enhance the theme with combination of colors and artwork. Painting the walls and hanging artwork are two of the easiest ways to underscore a design theme. Motivate your teen to add his own creative ideas through paintings because many teens are capable of painting. They can also enhance the theme with a wall fresco. 


You can take help from internet in selecting latest wall hangers and artwork sceneries. Wall murals can be found at every shop which must reflect the teen’s thinking. Morality is the important factor that should be added in your room so it can easily transmit in your behavior.


Good and contrasting flooring adds beauty in your room.  There are several quick and relatively low-cost fixes for flooring in weekly markets. Give existing carpeting a good scrub with a rented carpet cleaning machine. Or, use fabric paint to create a pattern, design or scene on the old carpet - but only if you would have been throwing the carpet away otherwise.


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